In a Flash | Tyson's Arrival | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I've shared on this blog before that adoption holds a special place in my heart.  For one - I am adopted.  For two, my dad was adopted and so was his brother, and so was his biological sister whom sought him out years and years later.  Adoption is a huge part of my family and I know if my husband and I were not able to bear children, we would have gone down that path as well.  The Nadar family featured in this blog have one biological three year old son, Jackson, and in September they adopted Tyson.  They felt the calling to adopt and help a child who needed a good home.  They were notified of Tyson's arrival somewhat out of nowhere (Stephanie had just arrived in Chicago for a work function and had to turn around and drive all the way back) and off they went to the hospital to see their new baby boy.  And in a flash, they were a family of four. 

My heart is so happy there are people out there like the Nadar's and my mom and dad, and my grandparents that were so open to adoption.  They took a child in that is not their flesh and blood but they love them with the same fierceness. I always say it must be scary to adopt because you never know what you are going to get...I can say that because I'm adopted.  (:  But I hope that Tyson will never feel left out or different in any way because of that. I've embraced being adopted and I hope he grows up feeling the same way.  We're lucky.  We're loved.  We found a home. 

Now on to the cuteness.  The pics of Jackson and Tyson are priceless - brothers for life. 

Thank you so much to the Nadar family for trusting me to document such a special time in your lives.  If you are looking for a maternity or newborn photographer in the Indianapolis area, please contact me at or 765-749-4388. 

Fantastic Family | The Manifold's | Indianapolis Family Photographer

There is SO much I can say about this family but I'll keep it short and to the point - they are amazing.  I first met Aaron and Erin in November 2015 when they were expecting their youngest, Sawyer.  I had the privilege of shooting their maternity and newborn photos that fall/winter.  I loved getting to know them and their two young boys.  You can check out these sessions in my blog archives.  I admire their patience and their sweet love they show for their children that radiates in my photos of them. 

This summer we met not once but twice for photos.  (:  They had a mini session in July with just their family and then in August we held an extended family session with Aaron's parents and siblings and fam.  His parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary that month - again - amazing!  And oh my did we have a fun time!  I think one of my captions for my photos I posted on FB was that this family was so much fun that I'd like to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner.  Or at least maybe for dessert. 

Anyway, back to the session.  My absolute favorite part was the interactions between the grandparents and the grandkids - timeless and priceless.  They are grandparents that genuinely embrace that title and are not afraid to get down and dirty with the kids (as you'll see in the photos below).   

New clients are great and new clients are necessary to keep the business open, but those steadfast clients that come back time after time - those are the clients I truly cherish and they really make me love doing this.  The Manifold's are one of those steadfast clients and I'm truly grateful for them. 

If you are looking for a family photographer in the Indianapolis area, please contact me at or 765-749-4388. 

Maggie's Milestones | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

I first met the Moser's earlier this year when I photographed their maternity and newborn sessions.  Their maternity session was back in February on a chilly day downtown.  And now I think they are my most frequent clients of 2017 - I photographed Maggie's 3 and 6 month milestones this spring and summer.  I feel like part of the family when I get to see clients that often.  "Oh she's getting so big!" - seriously that comes out of my mouth.  I might as well be an 80 year old woman, right??  I've loved getting to know the Moser's more and more and watching Maggie grow. 

Her 3 month session was down in Holcomb Gardens and it was a mosquito haven.  Oh my, Ashley and Maggie toughed it out!  Ashley said she counted 18 bites afterwards.  Ugh!!  And then we sweated out her 6 month session at a nature park.  But Maggie was awesome for both and the light was amazing so......I'd say it was all worth it. (: 

Miss Maggie at 3 month - look at that hair!  (: 

6 months - Her little personality is starting to shine through, don't you think?  I see a little sass...

Introducing Lily | The Kleiner Family | Westfield Newborn Photographer

I have been itching to share this session.  Sometimes it's so nice when a newborn client is more interested in having a documentary-type session rather than a full posed session.  I love both types of sessions but the lifestyle one is a little more laid back and relaxed.  It's all about capturing the moments as they are - baby snuggling with mom and dad, catching them gazing at baby, kissing and loving on her, and cementing this moment in time with photographs from those early days.  Did I mention that I LOVE lifestyle newborn sessions?? 

Miss Lily came into this world on June 30th. She was about 2 weeks old for our session but you would have thought she was 4-6 weeks old with how active she was.  Seriously - I tried to swaddle her in the beginning and she was Not. Having. It.  Nope.  So Plan B - dress her in a cutie outfit and put her in mom and dad's arms. 

I love the images we captured.  And how gorgeous is Beth (mom)????  You never would have known she had a baby in her belly just 2 weeks prior.  (:  Thank you Joe and Beth for inviting me into your home during this special (& crazy) time in your lives. 

If you are looking for a maternity or newborn photographer in the Indianapolis area, please contact me at or 765-749-4388. 

Summer Pregnancy | The Smith Family | Indianapolis Maternity Photographer

So there are some obvious downfalls of being pregnant during the hot summer months.  The heat, the sweating, the swelling.......BUT, if you can endure that and wear this amazing dress for a summer maternity session, I'd say it's all worth it.  (:  Kristen rocked this session like a pro (and rocked that dress)!  Her blonde hair glowed in the beautiful light and her dress was perfect for showing off that sweet baby bump. 

And....let's not forget Eric - he was pretty much the sweetest to his wife - snuggling her and getting into the moment.  I know they are so ready to add baby boy to their family in September.  I get the luxury of meeting him to for his newborn session.  So excited! 

Thanks to the Smith's for trusting me with your memories and I'll see you soon!   

If you are looking for a maternity or newborn photographer in the Indianapolis area, please contact me at or 765-749-4388.