The Roberts Crew | Indianapolis Family Photographer

I first photographed the Roberts family back in the fall of 2016 when their twin girls were 3 months old. And Thea was 18 months, Jase was 3 and Hailey was 9. Yes - one busy household. Fast forward a couple years and they definitely haven’t slowed down - and everyone has grown so much! This family session was fast-paced and fun. I think my favorite part was when I asked Jacob (with a little sarcasm) how it is having two 2-year olds in the house and said without hesitation (and without sarcasm) “Awesome.” The Roberts embrace their chaos because we all know how fleeting time is when your children are young. Savor it.

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Free | Violet | Indianapolis Family Photographer

First, I was elated to shoot at this location again.  It's so vibrant and unique.  It's not a typical family session location, but I love the way the colors pop in the background.  Add a beautiful couple and their sweet baby girl, it's pretty much perfect.  Mom shared with me that baby Violet had been on oxygen 24/7 since birth and just recently was able to graduate from having constant tubes and an oxygen tank attached to her.  They wanted to commemorate this milestone and her newfound "freedom" with a photo session.  The entire family rocked out this session - I think it only lasted 50 minutes but I ended up delivering over 115 images (because I LOVED them all!), which was a record for a family session. 

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9 Months | Molly | Indianapolis Lifestyle Photographer

I do shoot a lot of lifestyle sessions, but they typically are for newborns.  So when the opportunity arose to photograph the Large family with their sweet 9 month old Molly in a lifestyle format, I was excited.  Our session was on a bright Sunday Mother's Day morning and we began our session by waking Molly from her morning nap.  And newsflash....she wakes up super happy! 

Mom and Dad just wanted to capture their "little darling" as she is now - smiley, giggly and oh so wiggly!  You can see from many of the images she was trying to squirm her way out of mom and dad's arms.  She didn't mellow out until her mid-morning milk when we were able to end the session snuggling on the front stoop. Thanks so much to the Large's for sharing their sweet Molly with me. 

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Beautiful Mess | The Fortin Family | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Sometimes life is chaotic. Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes it's absolutely crazy.  When you have three kids, turn that "sometimes" into always.  I had a lot of sessions this fall - alot of fantastic ones.  Great families, beautiful light, amazing color.....but this one really speaks to me.  This is why I LOVE being a photographer.  This session depicts the emotion and the authenticity I want every session to portray.  Now every session doesn't involve three kids under the age of five...but you know what I mean. 

Dan and Lauren would admit this session was crazy.  I usually hate to admit it to parents, but it was.  There were tears,  there were escape attempts, and there was bribery.  But....there were hugs, laughs, kisses, smiles, and real life captured.  I commend Dan and Lauren's patience because they just went with it and it was perfection.

The chaos is beautiful, the messiness is beautiful, the craziness is beautiful.  And that lame saying "it won't be like this forever" is really true.  I hope Lauren and Dan treasure these photos forever because this is life.  This is love.  This is their beautiful mess (straight from Mom's mouth):

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Uninhibited | Lyle | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

So Lyle and I had a rough start.  Mom just wanted some sweet pics of Lyle to commemorate his 3rd birthday.  We met on the most gorgeous fall evening and I was ready to work the amazing sunset.  And well.....Lyle had other in not taking photos.  He clung to his mom.  Cried.  Gave me some dirty looks.  (:  I pulled out all of my jokes (maybe that's where the dirty looks came from), my candy, my red wagon.....nope, not having it. So we hung it up and scheduled another day. 

This time a sun-kissed morning at one of my new favorite locations. Lyle brought his doggie and his toy school bus to help him feel comfortable.  He was still apprehensive at the beginning but we convinced him to search for dinosaurs in the tall grass and go explore.  He thought that falling down in the grass and getting back up was the most hilarious thing.  And we so we just went with it.  I followed him around on this exploration and he laughed and giggled and was just a kid.  Talk about some of the most natural and candid smiles I've ever captured.  This seriously ended up being one of my favorite sessions from the fall: nothing posed - just raw uninhibited happiness.  Ironic that before the session I was trying to think of what my plan was going to be if he was super shy again and didn't want me to take his photo.....and now it's one of my favs.  Unexpected is always the best, right?? 

Thanks Ali (mom) for trusting me with Lyle's milestone pics! 

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