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My Sister from Equador | Veronica & Juan | Ogden Gardens Couples Session

We all have THOSE friends - you know - those amazing, comfortable, wonderful, caring friends that you wish you could see and talk to every single day, but can't.  And not only can you not see and talk everyday due to life and love and work and other circumstances, but you literally only get to see each other every 5 years or so.  BUT once you are together again, NOTHING has changed.  Memories come pouring back, laughs, smiles and fun just seem to happen without even trying, and you don't skip a beat learning how to be friends.  Because you don't have to learn - it's already there. 

Veronica was an exchange student from Ecuador my senior year in high school.  So only one year.  I don't even know why we started hanging out or how but I guess when you have a lot in common and have the same values (and same sarcastic personality), it's easy to become friends.  But it wasn't only me that loved this girl - everyone loved Veronica.  She's one of those infectious people - she smiles, she laughs, she's definitely hilarious and she's so laid back.  Teachers loved her and the students at my school embraced her.  I was so lucky to have been one her best friends during her tenure here and get to know her.  I always said she was the Ecuadorian version of myself.  (: 

I was so sad to see her leave the summer after our senior year, but knew that we had forged a friendship that would last a lifetime.  We keep in touch somewhat through Facebook, but as with all distant friends, even with this technology, it's hard.  Time is sparse and while I'd love to talk to all of my friends on a weekly basis, it's impossible.  Since then, she has been back to my hometown a few times.  Once during our college years, another about 6 years ago, and most recently, a few weeks ago.  I was SO EXCITED when she messaged me to tell me she was visiting and we didn't hesitate to travel up for the weekend to see her.  She got to meet my family and my 3 crazy kiddos.  And I got to meet her love, Juan.  (: 

And there we were hanging out and joking again - like the 17 years from high school had never passed.  We try to get each other gifts every time we see each other.  One of my gifts to her was a photo session for Juan and her.  It was so much fun and they were beautiful models.  They did such a good job at "keeping it real." 

I can't wait for Juan and Veronica to visit again!  And SOMEDAY I promise, Veronica, I will make it to Ecuador!  Let my babies grow up a little bit.  (: 

Excuse the overshare, I LOVED this session too much to hold back:

Thanks to Veronica and Juan for letting me take them on a photo adventure.  'Til next time....

Love you Veronica!!! 




Melanie and Josh | 3.75 Year Anniversary Pictures | Indianapolis Couples Photographer

I was privileged to have a photo session with my friends Melanie and Josh back in June.  Come to find out, the actual date of the shoot was their 3.75 year anniversary.  Because every couple gets pictures taken for their 3.75 year milestone, right???  Anyway, it was a blast and we had a ton of fun!  If I hadn't already solidified my decision to really go for the photography business, this session pushed me much further into this endeavor.  I love photography and I love capturing moments for such fun people! 

I've known Melanie now for over 10 years.  We worked together at PwC and we were on several audit teams together (several days and nights in the audit room).  We became such good friends that we traveled together on some girls vacations.  She was even on the cruise where I met my husband!  I'm so glad we have remained friends after leaving PwC and still make the effort to get together several times a year to catch up.  Josh and her were married in 2011 and let me tell you - he is hilarious!  You can see in the pictures how much fun they have together and how much they adore each it!

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