Waiting for Elin | The Lewis Family | Greenwood Family Photographer

I was connected with the Lewis family through another client (shout out to the Hauser's!!).  After a quick phone conversation with Monica (mom) to set up the session, I knew immediately that this was going to be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  On the phone, I quickly discovered that they are in the process of adopting from abroad.  China to be exact.  Adoption can be a long, frustrating, emotional, drawn-out process - and not to mention all of the costs involved.  I was instantly intrigued with her story and their passion for adopting. 

Our connection lies in the fact that I too am adopted.  My parents waited over 3 years for me and I was lucky to be adopted during infancy.  Adoption is part of our family - my dad was adopted; my aunt was adopted, and my uncle was adopted.  Adoption changes lives and brings families together - something I will forever be grateful for.  

Back to the Lewis family.  They currently have two boys: Emery (11) and Asher (8).  They are really funny and outgoing boys - love sports and just playing around.  I felt like I was looking into my own future with two energetic boys bouncing all over the place.  I will say, they were much easier to photograph than toddlers - they actually did great and followed my directions!  It was such a fun session with them! 

The Lewis' love their boys, and they are hoping to add to the love in their house.  They are currently waiting for Elin, their little girl they are hoping to adopt.  They have not been matched yet, but they gave their future daughter a name so that they could pray for her by name.  Monica's tie to adoption first starts with her great grandmother Aggie who adopted Monica's grandma, who was abandoned at a young age.  If not for her great grandmother Aggie's loving heart and openness, the family's chain would look severely different. 

Then Monica was 22 years old - a student traveling to Belize, Rotan, Hong Kong, China and Thailand.  It was there she saw such a great need to help less fortunate children.  Orphans.  She left there saying that she'd be back someday.  And that someday has come.  The Lewis' family faith in God through this whole endeavor is inspiring.  They knew they wanted to adopt someday, but financially they did not know if they could afford it.  No, they didn't win the lottery - they are putting it all in God's hands and they know that He will not fail them.  With the love from God and support from their friends and family, they will bring Elin home. 

Thank you so much to the Lewis family for sharing your story with me - it hits home in my heart and I pray with you that you bring Elin home as soon as possible. 

If you want to help the Lewis family out in any way, please contact me and I can get you in touch.     

With that, I present to you, the Lewis family - Monica, Nathan, Emery and Asher.  Next time I photograph them, hopefully Elin will be the star of the show (: 

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