Downtown Zionsville

Daddy's Girl | The Skarbek Family | Zionsville Family Photographer

First, I hope Alyssa (mom) isn't mad at me for my title.  Two month old Addison would NOT take her eyes off of daddy during our session.  She would stare and stare at him, give him some googly eyes, smile at him and so on.  And the affection was not a one way street.  Ian (daddy) was more than smitten with his little girl.  Can we say wrapped around his finger already? 

This session instantly became one of my favs.  Downtown Zionsville is so peaceful in the morning.  We met early and the sun was rising, creating a beautiful light, and the happiness of this new family of three was radiating.  I wish I could have a session like this every morning to start my day.  Perfection. 

So I know we discussed Addison's affection for daddy above, but she definitely loves her mommy too.  We got some sweet shots of mom and daughter that I hope they will treasure forever. 

Thanks so much to the Skarbek's for trusting me with their memories.  Don't blink, because Addison will be running around before you know it.  (: 

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