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The Kirkpatrick Family | Coxhall Gardens Family Session | Carmel Family Photographer

Sometimes it’s funny to me how the first time I meet many of my clients is the day I photograph them. It’s pretty standard in the industry and I guess it takes a certain type of person to drum up conversation with all types of people (the little humans and the adult humans) to help the session go well. I have to win clients over and make them smile, and be playful, and have fun in a short period of time. Something like this would completely stress me out several years ago but now, it’s all part of this gig. My planning helps. I get to know my clients by sending a questionnaire where they share their kids’ interests and their hopes and dreams for the session. This planning portion has been so key in helping me create a vision for a session before it even happens.

I met the Kirkpatrick family for the first time on a PERFECT evening in May. It not only was a perfect evening but they were the perfect family. We played, swung the kids around, tickled, adored the baby bump on mom (baby #4!!), and most importantly, had fun. The vision I had for a playful, candid session came to life. Amazing clients make amazing pics….

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Light + Love | The Smith Family | Carmel Family Photographer

I'm always amazed when a family can get multiple people up and picture-ready for an early morning photo session.  (I know when I wake up I'm always so glad all I have to do is put my contacts in and slap on some casual clothes - no make up needed here! You're welcome clients - I make you look good!!)  (:  Eric and Kristen managed to get themselves ready, as well as 9 month-old Theo, and teens Cayden and Conner.  And the dogs joined us too!  They all looked amazing and we had a wonderful session.  Kristen's parents even drove up from Bloomington to join us at the end.  Thanks to the Smith's for once again trusting me with their memories. 

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Fantastic Family | The Manifold's | Indianapolis Family Photographer

There is SO much I can say about this family but I'll keep it short and to the point - they are amazing.  I first met Aaron and Erin in November 2015 when they were expecting their youngest, Sawyer.  I had the privilege of shooting their maternity and newborn photos that fall/winter.  I loved getting to know them and their two young boys.  You can check out these sessions in my blog archives.  I admire their patience and their sweet love they show for their children that radiates in my photos of them. 

This summer we met not once but twice for photos.  (:  They had a mini session in July with just their family and then in August we held an extended family session with Aaron's parents and siblings and fam.  His parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary that month - again - amazing!  And oh my did we have a fun time!  I think one of my captions for my photos I posted on FB was that this family was so much fun that I'd like to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner.  Or at least maybe for dessert. 

Anyway, back to the session.  My absolute favorite part was the interactions between the grandparents and the grandkids - timeless and priceless.  They are grandparents that genuinely embrace that title and are not afraid to get down and dirty with the kids (as you'll see in the photos below).   

New clients are great and new clients are necessary to keep the business open, but those steadfast clients that come back time after time - those are the clients I truly cherish and they really make me love doing this.  The Manifold's are one of those steadfast clients and I'm truly grateful for them. 

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Morning Glow | The Chambers Family | Carmel Family Photographer

First - I love photographing this family.  I only had done it once before but it was a such a pleasurable experience that I was crossing my fingers that they loved it too and would come back to me.  And score, they did.  (:  I can't explain it entirely but the Chambers family is laid back, free-spirited, engaged with each other, and really just so fun to work with. 

Second, I'm a planner.  We had initially decided on downtown Carmel, back in the winter when Tara first scheduled the session. When I went to scope out the area there was so much summer construction I wanted to scream and reported back my frustration to them.  So we opted for another location that would suit the morning timeframe and was close to home for them, Founders Park.  I had never shot there before and did not have time to scope it out beforehand.  But I took a photographer friend's advice and went with it.  And I'm SO glad we did.  It was a beautiful summer morn and the light was so so yummy.  Mixed with the happy and sun-kissed Chambers family and it turned into a magical session. 

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ONE | Avery | Carmel Children's Photographer

So how awesome is my job?  I get to cuddle with precious newborns, hang out with fun families, and in this case, attend first birthday parties.  I photographed the Long family last fall and baby Avery was about 6 months old.  She was a star throughout the session.  So when they contacted me to attend and photograph Avery's first birthday party with a lifestyle feel, I was so excited! 

Avery once again was a STAR - hamming it up, smiling, and devouring her cake without actually getting too crazy messy.  She is obviously the princess of the family, and rightfully so.  Thanks to Josh and Jessica for allowing me to capture these great memories. 

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