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Fantastic Family | The Manifold's | Indianapolis Family Photographer

There is SO much I can say about this family but I'll keep it short and to the point - they are amazing.  I first met Aaron and Erin in November 2015 when they were expecting their youngest, Sawyer.  I had the privilege of shooting their maternity and newborn photos that fall/winter.  I loved getting to know them and their two young boys.  You can check out these sessions in my blog archives.  I admire their patience and their sweet love they show for their children that radiates in my photos of them. 

This summer we met not once but twice for photos.  (:  They had a mini session in July with just their family and then in August we held an extended family session with Aaron's parents and siblings and fam.  His parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary that month - again - amazing!  And oh my did we have a fun time!  I think one of my captions for my photos I posted on FB was that this family was so much fun that I'd like to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner.  Or at least maybe for dessert. 

Anyway, back to the session.  My absolute favorite part was the interactions between the grandparents and the grandkids - timeless and priceless.  They are grandparents that genuinely embrace that title and are not afraid to get down and dirty with the kids (as you'll see in the photos below).   

New clients are great and new clients are necessary to keep the business open, but those steadfast clients that come back time after time - those are the clients I truly cherish and they really make me love doing this.  The Manifold's are one of those steadfast clients and I'm truly grateful for them. 

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Adventures | The Van Winkle's | Indianapolis Family Photographer

For the second night in a row I'm blogging a session that was held at Coxhall Gardens.  It's a hotspot for photographers but the grounds are so large that several of us can be out there without stepping on any toes.  This particular session was taken on one of the busiest evenings of the fall but sometimes when your go-to spots are find some new favs.  (:

I met the Van Winkle family last March at the Trader's Point Easter egg hunt.  I photographed families and kids with the Easter bunny (not totally my thing but love to help out the Trader's Point community and connect with the families). I definitely remembered photographing the family with twin babes strapped to them with a toddler - the Van Winkles. Fast forward seven months and we are meeting for a photo session - twins now almost a year and On. The. Move.  

We spent most of the session letting the kids take us on an adventure through the grounds. Which is my life in a nutshell - following around my crazy kiddos - so it's something I get to practice daily. Spontaneous fun - not much posing - just letting kids be kids.  

Thanks so much to the Van Winkles for allowing me to capture this crazy, busy, awesome time in your lives.  

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