founder's Park

Morning Glow | The Chambers Family | Carmel Family Photographer

First - I love photographing this family.  I only had done it once before but it was a such a pleasurable experience that I was crossing my fingers that they loved it too and would come back to me.  And score, they did.  (:  I can't explain it entirely but the Chambers family is laid back, free-spirited, engaged with each other, and really just so fun to work with. 

Second, I'm a planner.  We had initially decided on downtown Carmel, back in the winter when Tara first scheduled the session. When I went to scope out the area there was so much summer construction I wanted to scream and reported back my frustration to them.  So we opted for another location that would suit the morning timeframe and was close to home for them, Founders Park.  I had never shot there before and did not have time to scope it out beforehand.  But I took a photographer friend's advice and went with it.  And I'm SO glad we did.  It was a beautiful summer morn and the light was so so yummy.  Mixed with the happy and sun-kissed Chambers family and it turned into a magical session. 

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